Surprise Staycation at Le Meridien Abu Dhabi

ceiling lights and picture windows

I can still remember the very first time I passed by Le Meriedien, my cousin told me, "That's the hotel Anne Curtis and many other Filipino artists stayed during their concert events here in Abu Dhabi."

Located in the Tourist Club area, Le Meridien Abu Dhabi is a 4 star hotel, with easy access to malls, hospitals and business centers. It's one of the oldest hotels in UAE and features nice Arabic interior touch.

Le Meridien: Lobby area as seen from the top

A friend of ours has planned a surprise staycation for their 8th anniversary. We were the "accomplices." So we went to the hotel early to set up their room. I uttered, "This is going to be exciting!"

Abu Dhabi city

Le Meridien's garden area
The view from our room's balcony

Compared to other luxury hotels we stayed at, Le Meridien gears more towards highlighting old Arabic designs.

Majlist in the hotel lobby

Before the set up

We filled their room with fresh red roses, sparkling wine, cake, photos and ironed their dress for the night's dinner celebration.

Needless to say, our little surprise was a success. As they come close to the room, we turned off the lights and played their favorite music. We have also set up a hidden go pro camera somewhere near the bed to capture their reactions and hid in the walk in closet area while watching them from my phone that's connected to the go pro.

It was a good day to celebrate love.

Come afternoon, we check out their Eden Spa. If there's one thing I really do love about Le Meridien is their indoor spa access - pretty much like a mini version of Ace Water Spa!

On the other hand, I wasn't that excited when it comes to their pool and beach area. 

Le Meridien's private beach access

There are many restaurants located in The Village at Le Meridien. They offer various cuisines from around the world: Greek, Southeast Asian, Italian, English, American and the international buffet restaurant Latest Recipe. For dinner, our friend made reservations at Latest Recipe

Latest Recipe: Dessert section

outdoor setting of Latest Recipe

View of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

We stayed in Le Meridien Abu Dhabi on July 2016.