Red Bull Air Race World Championship in Abu Dhabi

Red Bull Air Race Abu Dhabi

Imagine having to undergo 10Gs of force as you speed up just a few meters above the ground. Truth is, this is a heart pumping ride only a few of us can ever experience in our lifetime. But for adrenaline junkies such as the Red Bull Air Race pilots, it's their passion, their way of life as they battle it at the Red Bull Air Race World Championship this 2017.

Beautiful day to watch the race along Corniche breakwater

Locals and tourists waiting for the air race to start

Earlier this year, Corniche has once again staged yet another world class sports competition free for every one who wants to watch. Of course, having an office facing the beautiful panoramic view of Corniche beach, I got to watch these pilots for a few days before the actual championship game as they practice speeding their way just a few meters above the stunning blue waters of Abu Dhabi. I got excited that I promise myself to watch the final race day itself.

High Speed Raceplanes

Created to be as fast in the air as possible and put to perfection, these raceplanes flown in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship takes the lead in the light aviation technology. Built to be as light as possible to guarantee maximum speed, they also have to be extremely robust, and tolerate stressed of up to 10 times the force of gravity (10Gs). These propeller-driven machines are highly maneuverable, pulling up into a vertical orientation at high speed with very little effort – something that even modern fighter jets can't match.

plane maneuvers at Red Bull Air Race World Championship

I hopped on Bus 7 and dropped off along the boardwalk of Corniche near the Etihad Towers and close to Marina Mall. I arrived a few minutes earlier before the actual race begin. I got to see some stunts presented as side acts - Soul Flyers wingsuit jump and Pal Takats Heli jump

Side act - Pal Takats paraglider

huge pylons create the tracks for the Red Bull Air Race World Championships

Pilots weave through a series of inflatable pylons with speeds up to 370 kph. They maneuver their small 

Abu Dhabi skyline

high speed planes flying low in between obstacle tracks

Pilots racing in Master Class: Martin Sonka, Matthias Dolderer, Yoshihide Muroya, Juan Velarde, Peter Podlunsek, Pete McLeod, Nicolas Ivanoff,  Michael Goulian,  Kirby Chambliss,  Petr Kopfstein, Cristian Bolton,  Francois Le Vot,  Matt Hall, Mikael Brageot

Martin Sonka manning the Edge 540 V3

Martin Sonka Wins 2017 Red Bull Air Race season 

Martin Sonka 

Martin Ĺ onka is one of the top pilots not only in his native Czech Republic but across all of Europe, with outstanding results in both the Red Bull Air Race World Championship and major aerobatic competitions.

plane smoke colors  the surrounding of Etihad towers 

flying loud and proud

Al Fursan (The Knights), the United Arab Emirates Air Force aerobatic display team

Red Bull's Air Race return to Abu Dhabi marks the championship's 10th season.