Rice All You Want at Rice Overdose

Sweet and sour fish fillet with bagoong rice

I have to confess, during my first few weeks here in Abu Dhabi, I realize the people's fondness in bread and chicken. Don't get me wrong, I love chicken, it's my favorite. But chicken, no matter how it's cooked, when eaten on daily basis is seriously not cool.

Different kinds of breads are also served here in UAE. They have shawarma, fatayer, falafel, naan bread etc. When I first started to work, our free office lunch would consist of big fried chickens and bread and on other days shawarma. I know, it looks sad. However delicious though, nothing beats a plateful of good smokin' rice, making it unlimited definitely equates to unli happiness. Thanks to my flatmates for introducing me to Rice Overdose!

Variants of adobo, garlic and bagoong rice. Pili ka lang!

Uniquely serve on wooden plate, their set meals called royalty meals are priced between AED28-30, with choice of meat, stir fry vegetables, soup, ice cream and of course, unlimited rice. In addition, they also offer group meals for AED165 with choices of seafood, grilled and meat overdose.

Colorful Mug drinks

Drinks are served in this cool mason glass drink jars. The photo above are Iced Chai, Firsky Green Apple, Blue Spirit flavors.

Beef Pares and Isaw

Because one of my ate hasn't eaten an isaw before, we ordered some for her. Ang sosyal, sa Abu Dhabi pa siya unang nakatikim ng isaw. Isaw sticks comes at 5 dirhams...per stick! I know, that's over the top expensive compared to our Php2 per isaw stick in the Philippines

So true!

Contact Rice Overdose at 0502069446. They are open from 10 AM to 12mn and located at Twin Tower Building, near Lulu Express, Hamdan Street, Al Markaziya, Abu Dhabi

Have your fill of unlimited portions of flavored rice!