Nadal Wins 2016 Mubadala World Tennis Championship

David Goffin vs Rafael Nadal

December 31, 2016: A few hours just before the New Year's eve countdown, my friends and I decided to travel to Zayed Sports City in Abu Dhabi where we hoped to catch a glimpse of my friend's ultimate sports idol, Rafael Nadal.

I'm not much of a sports fan. My friend Joy, however, is like a walking tennis book who knows frankly anything and everything about tennis and Nadal. Being a supportive friend, I lugged with me my Canon SX50HS, aka my paparazzi camera.

I was ready to shoot a photo of Nadal for my friend. We heard from other friends that there's a chance that we can watch him play before the actual game. Alas, Nadal's practice happened early in the morning and there's no way we can see him now...unless we pay for our tickets!

Nadal fan right here! My friend's big smile for this tennis champ

I do appreciate big events like this and for the fact that it's our friend's birthday whom we know is Nadal's number 1 fan, we all have mixed emotions as to whether or not buy a 350 dirham ticket each. It was just too expensive!

My friend Joy, who had just celebrated her birthday a day before the championship match must have prayed really hard to see Nadal in flesh, because not only did we see him, WE WATCHED HIM PLAY!

Our paid tickets for the Championship Match

We were able to find a way and get ourselves inside the stadium for a relatively low price (diskarteng Pinoy)

Mubadala World Tennis Championship

We got inside! The first match between Andy Murray and Milos Raonic has already started, but its okay, we went there for Nadal. 

While I'm pretty much naive about who Nadal is (sorry sports fan), I honestly got curious too, why such fame?

Inside the International Tennis Centre

The event featured one of the strongest line-ups to date. With all players being ranked within the top 12 in the world, it's enough reason for us audience to get excited.

Check out some sports action photos I took during the game.
Milos Raonic vs Andy Murray

Andy Murray

Scotsman Andy Murray returned to Abu Dhabi after becoming the first British to reach World No. 1.

VIP section

Rest time for players

Rafael Nadal

The Spanish athlete and World No. 9, Nadal is a crowd favorite.  

David Goffin

26 year old and World No. 11, David Goffin competed for the first time in Middle East.

Nadal in action

Nadal in action

Nadal's sports shot

Anatomy of Nadal's winning shot

Video: Goffin vs. Nadal

Nadal Wins 2016 Mubadala World Tennis Championship 

Goffin and Nadal with their trophies

What a great day for my friend who finally saw his sports idol play. T'was also a great experience for me as this has been my first international sports event experience and I had a great time practicing my sports photography skill. They were all great character subjects.  

After recovering from an injury in 2015, Rafael Nadal defeated David Goffin with 6-4, 7-6. It's Nadal's 4th Mubadala World Tennis Championship title. 

The 2016 Mubadala World Tennis Championship happened on December 29-31 at the International Tennis Centre at Zayed Sports city. Prize money at stake US $250,000. 
Two happy audience at Mubadala World Tennis Championship Event

Abu Dhabi has hosted a lot of international sports events. Looking forward to watch more sports events this 2017.