Agemono: Affordable Asian Choice in Abu Dhabi

Agemono Abu Dhabi Kare Kare

Agemono was one of the first restaurants that I was able to try during my first few weeks in Abu Dhabi. The setting was pretty welcoming, filled with Filipinos dining with their family and friends, serenaded by some chill out acoustic music in the background. But for the best part, their food!

A fusion of Japanese, Filipino and Thai Cuisine, Agemono offers a variety of all Asian favorites.

Included in their menu are don buri rice toppings at AED20, bento, Japanese noodles, sushi, sashimi, and nasi goreng.

There's also our Pinoy favorites like the silog meals priced at around AED20, palabok, seafood dishes such as sinigang (tuna, salmon, hamour, sugpo) inihaw choices as well as vegetable favorites like chopseuy. 

Teriyaki Don

Agemono rice

Some of my top favorites are Agemono rice and sinigang na salmon. 

Hungry for more? Agemono offers an eat all you can late night dinner buffet for AED49.

For home delivery, you may call their Abu Dhabi branch at 0552259040 or 02 6420802. They are located at Al Mariah Mall, Fatima Bint Mubarak Street.