Getting on Etihad Flight to Abu Dhabi

Leaving behind your family to go work abroad has its fair share of positive and negative sentiments. For most OFWs like me, it takes a year or two before I get to finally reunite with my loved ones.

After all the hugs, goodbyes, kisses and last minute photo ops, I finally braved my way inside the airport, lugging along my medium sized trolley, my favorite backpack I purchased in Vietnam and a duffel bag. I am all set for my first Etihad flight to Abu Dhabi.

The long line at the Etihad counter at Naia Terminal 1

Etihad Airways ranked 6th in this year's Skytrax World Airlines Awards Top 100 airlines. Etihad is UAE's national airline and one of the best in commercial aviation, also winning as the world's leading airline at the World Travel Awards for 5 consecutive years.

I was scheduled for a 12 midnight flight and has been looking forward to a comfy 9 hour plane ride. I was travelling solo, which made it more exciting. After all, this is a premier brand.

I was sending text messages to my family at the boarding area when I saw Etihad's gorgeous cabin crew walking their way to the aircraft. It seemed like a runway scene from the Top Model tv series. 

They warmly greeted us as we arrived in the cabin and escorted our way to the economy class area. I was given a window seat and an ample space for seating. The personal amenity kit containing toothbrush, toothpaste, pair of socks and ear plugs as well as the full sized fleece blanket and pillow tucked on top our seats made the trip super relaxing that it was, hands up, my most comfortable flight to date.

Etihad Airways: Manila to Abu Dhabi

The food served were delicious as well, hot and fresh. Entertainment features were top notch too. Passengers have a variety of movies, games, music and television shows to choose from. I tried to check their list titles but was literally lulled to sleep.

Truly, it was a memorable in-flight experience.