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Morocco: Making Local Connections

Situated in the Northern part of Africa, the Kingdom of Morocco is a country best known for distinct architectural patterns vividly presented in the daily lives of its people. Having spent 3 weeks in Morocco, let me share some of our colorful discoveries and hidden gems distinctly Moroccan. 
The night me and my officemates were handed with plane tickets scheduled to fly to Morocco the following morning, our world went topsy turvy! 
No sleep. No Prep. No worries. Morocco, we are coming for you! 

From Abu Dhabi, we drove in the wee hours to Dubai International Airport for our Dubai to Casablanca flight. Tired and sleepy, we managed to hastily pack and pull our things from our flats to cabins. It’s going to be a 9-hour flight and the surprised extra legroom our kabayan has provided during check in was such a welcome treat. 

We arrived in Casablanca at around 2pm. The Immigration line was filled with groups of Chinese tourists – no Filipinos sighted. Casablanca is Morocco’s largest city.…

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